Big John's Barn Raising

Piedmont Carolina - Nov 4, 2006
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Getting started (104kb) Here comes the flooring (95kb) BigJohnsBarn-03.jpg (110kb) Here's what happens when a 3 Snake trying to show off too! (64kb)
Is this wall going to stay up? (64kb) Look like it! (87kb) Let me give you a hand (67kb) Nice form (68kb) Secured (96kb)
Is this the way up? (123kb) Looks straight! (76kb) Try this gun (81kb) Hmmmm (84kb) More materials (108kb)
Come on up (105kb) Out of gas (101kb) Still out (94kb) Securing the wall (95kb) How much is scrap tin going for? (106kb)
BigJohnsBarn-21.jpg (72kb) Next wall (95kb) BigJohnsBarn-23.jpg (96kb) BigJohnsBarn-24.jpg (107kb) Raising the trusses (109kb)
BigJohnsBarn-26.jpg (104kb) BigJohnsBarn-27.jpg (113kb) BigJohnsBarn-28.jpg (102kb) BigJohnsBarn-29.jpg (95kb) BigJohnsBarn-30.jpg (81kb)