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Daynaposi | @
Our thoughts and prayers go out to retired member dealing with a very ill loved one.GOD BLESS
14 May 2007 - massachusetts

Mark Z | @
Its great to have bikers in soberity and be clean love ya all
5 April 2007 - Altoona Pa

Sweat (Mike McGraw) | @
Just happened to think of looking up this site, looked at some pics. Lots of fond memories for the year and a half I spent in the club. I have a few pics to submit as soon as I scan them.

Hope all are well, and Stay Sober.Mike M
29 March 2007 - Del-uh.where?

Rick aka Bones LWG | @
Howdy all. Just wanted to greet everyone and thank you guys for signing our Guestbook.
22 March 2007 - Carbon County, PA

Daynaposi | @
Hi to all club members from mass.i was a part of the family from 97-to2002,i miss all of the gals that were there for me when i needed them!my daughter and i will alaways remember the sober journey of this wonderful motorcycle club still going strong!love ya all,Dayna and Amber
14 March 2007 - massachusetts

Sick Rick | @
just stumbled on the site and wanted to say hey. i was a charter member from newport news and western ct way back when. glad to see yall still doin well.
14 February 2007 - Illinois

Lawyer Mike | @
Getting ready to celebrate 2 years on March 18 at the Message is Hope. Omar (retired) is my Sponsor but he is in the Keys and will not make it. Just wanted to say great site and nice to see others enjoying life in recovery

4 February 2007 - Baltimore, Maryland

Michael Coffey | @
Great to be able to have so much fun with the memebers from the Pioneer Valley Chapter
28 January 2007 - Greenfield,MA

rowdy | @
good to be back in the saddle,hope all are well
27 January 2007 - the south

Hard Rock Cafe | @
Big hello from Germany,
nice hp, beautiful pics praise to the Web master.
22 January 2007 - Germany

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