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Lost Soul | @
My heartfelt condolences to Bullseye from the Pioneer Valley Massachusetts Chapter in the death of his wife Stacy (Hottie). She was a remarkable soul that inspired many. Her death is truly a loss to life
21 December 2007 - Springfield, Massachusetts

Rodger DUffy | @
watched a brother last night receive his 7, it took 27 but he got there, first meeting for me in 9 but you guys (you know who you are) made me feel right at home.thanks,love ya.Furr
29 November 2007 - PA

rowdy | @
heart felt ride yesterday,Flash and Chopper ride hard brothers
19 August 2007 - south

Jesse | @
Good to hear about another Clean/sober Club. Sober Psychos MC Oklahoma Area
18 August 2007 - Edmond Ok

Begger | @
Thanks to all the Deleware Chapter,
Great fun run
Clean and Crazy Begger/ Richmond Ya'll
9 August 2007 - Some where deep in my mind

Luther VP Central Pa. Chapter | @
yes ,He rode a '42 Knuckle.I have been in the club since '85.We had good times. I can't remember the guy he hung out with,(short dude). Do you remember Jesse?
24 June 2007 - Harrisburg Pa.

Deirdre | @
To all the guys I met in Middletown CT this weekend I want to say thank you for the hospitality and respect you each showed me. I got myself and my bike home safe Sunday afternoon. I promise to do more regular maintenance so if I ever get the chance to “tag along” again I don’t become someone’s job. Let me know if I can return the hospitality when you pass through CT again.
25 June 2007 - Milford, CT

mike d | @
i want to thank the guys from pioneer valley chapter for asking me to ride with them to laconia this weekend.and send a 'was up' to YABA from Pa. chapter. great ride, great fellowship!!
18 June 2007 - greenfield, ma

Robert | @
Does anyone on here remember Jack Haller from Virginia Beach, Virginia???
28 May 2007 - Georgia

Mike M | @
Hey, saw some of you'all at the Lawn, PA breakfast today 5-20. Stopped by to show respect and say Hi.
20 May 2007 - Manheim, PA

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