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paulski | @
Mike and I did 7,145 miles with my belt breaking in Wa. state with 117,000 miles on it.Great view with stories.Found a road in Calif. rte 36/84 that puts the dragon to shame.
20 June 2008 - myerstown, pa

RAT | @
I'm a former member Boston chapter, (1988), just wanted to send
my Thanks and I wish you all Safety And Serenity. Hi to Buster.
6 June 2008 - Ma.

Dayna | @
Hey to all the pioneer valley phoenix members,and the other extended family,my daughter Amber and i will be popping in at the campout to say hi,hope to see some old friends and new!Hope all is well with everyone in the phoenix family!love-Daynaposi
28 May 2008 - Massachusetts

5 May 2008 - NEW YORK

Eugene S | @
Het thanks for a great ride yesterday for the IAAMC. Was fun hanging around and look foward to it more.
20 April 2008 - Newfoundland

Jessica | @
Thnx for the ride yesterday. looking forward to more this summer, and the campout!! Luv all you guys!!
13 April 2008

Prospect | @
Well needless to say it is good to be back. Thank you all for a nice weekend. It was great seeing you all again as I missed you. It was also good to know I was missed.

Your Brother forever.
7 April 2008 - B-more

Dan.B | @
you guys and gal are great im a friend of bill.w scranton pa hello Mark. unfortuntly i dont have a bike your site is nice
6 March 2008 - northeast PA

Elyse | @
It was good to see some of you at MARLCNA
10 February 2008 - MANHEIM, PA

stevie | @
hey guys wishing you all a safe and prosper year in 08. Lets keep the rubber on the road the wind in our hair and our higher power between our ears. Hopefully we will get a chance to ride with some of you again this year.
20 January 2008 - NEPA

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