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norton(scranton)central pa , | @
got patched on sunday,11-7-04,glad to be back in brotherhood again,finelly home,have to go for sugery on thursday,this is in recards to getting t-boned in oct.looking for free or cheap parts for 83 roster,need brake lines for dual front brakes,rear return spring and master cylinder plunger&brake switch,contact me
9 November 2004 - scranton,pa usa

buffalo rider 'dogbiscuit' 13/69 | @
we send our condolences to the phoenix mc and to the family of your brother "flash" , hopefuly we'll all ride together one day on the big run past the pearly gates .,
30 September 2004 - stateline v.a.

One Eye Jack, VP, Acquitted MC | @
Our condolences and regret on the loss of Your Brother Flash.May we all ride together someday.
Love & Respect
13 September 2004 - South Jersey

Foreigner | @
Please accept our condolances on the loss of your Brother.
Foreigner, Pres. ACQUITTED MC
7 September 2004 - Philadelphia/ S. Jersey

BOMB, prez
Hey brothers:

Just heard about your brother Flash. Always sorry to hear another C&S biker has cashed in.

Please accept our sympathy, prayers and best wishes to all his brothers and his family.
26 August 2004 - Riders In Recovery MC

Charles 'Wolf' Clark
On behalf of the membership of Sober Bikers United, Inc. I would like to extend our condolences on your loss of Charlie "The Flash" Corbett. My he ride free in the big sky and may your fellowship find comfort from his loss.
25 August 2004 - Sober Bikers United, Inc

ACQUITTED MC and myself wish you all the best. My new knee replacements are letting me ride again and this means we should be able to get together in the near future.Much respect to you. Maybe will see you at Sessions in O.C.
23 August 2004 - PHILADELPHIA,,PA

Ridgerunner | @
Will miss you Flash. Keep it in the wind.
20 August 2004

Crash | @
Today I welcome day 300 as a Phoenix prospect. This is getting old,but I am loving every moment. How do you take your coffee???
10 August 2004 - Baltimore MD

Patches Messengers MC | @
Roll in to your fun run yesterday.
Thanks. Good to see some old friends
good food great coffee.wish we could have stayed. we got hammer in the rain on the way home and visted a couple bridges. bike got washed.
going to do my best to get to your 20 year party
ride free ride sober
1 August 2004 - Philly

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