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kathy chapman | @
hay guys miss ya all much love and respect hermit's ex
15 April 2009 - luv the old pics of dora

norton | @
just thought i drop a few lines to say hello,our son is on his way to iraq,he is in ft.sill right now,i have just been elected vice pes. of THE FRIENDS OF THE FORGOTTEN NE WING,we are a pow/mia awareness group,150 members strong here in the nepa aera,we have our ride comeing up august 9 2009, hope some of you can attend,later norton
15 March 2009 - nepa

Kaiffa | @
Greetings from Freedom MC .sobriety mc.
12 March 2009 - Finland

Lonesome George | @
Paulski, thanks for your support last night at the airport. I sent you an email. Hope you got it. Talk to you soon.
6 February 2009 - FT Sill, OK and the next step is IRAQ

Jack Ballum | @
Hey Paulski this messege is from Jack B. I moved from Allentown Pa. to Bullhead City Az. 5 years ago, its year around riding here. Hows things going with you, how is Glenn doing, Chris and I miss all you East Coast folks. Drop me a line to let us know how you are all doing.
3 February 2009 - Bullhead City Az.

Schoolboy | @
Greetings from FreeRidersUSA!
Born Free Live Free Ride Free
11 November 2008

Jazz-Sober Riders MC | @
Enjoyed the convo Yo Bob @ Delmarva Bike Week. Good meeting ya, wish we cuda spent some more time. Next time, aight?
15 September 2008 - Eastern Shore, MD

Just reading our guestbook and wanted to thank those who supported us in the beginning.
Foreigner, Pres. ACQUITTED MC/Philly
ps. check out our site under ACQUITTED MC
29 August 2008 - Philly,PA

Crow | @
Looking through the photos and I haven't seen my brother from another mother in a while, so I say " Hey Critter " how's it going?
9 August 2008 - Florida

Lorrie | @
H.E.R.O.I.N. Hurts would like to thank the Lower Delaware and Brandywine Valley Chapters for their support in our poker run.A special thanks to Dead Head and Tin Man for getting this together,Zues and JR for securing the pavilion,Pepe for manning the table and Dora for the use of her grill (which came in handy when ours started to catch fire) We really appreciate you guys so much,you give us hope in knowing that our loved ones can recover.
6 August 2008 - Wilmington, DE.

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