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Kristin | @
Trying to catch up w/an old friend, Omar, from Baltimore. probably retired Phoenix now
22 November 2009 - Tampa FL

Charlie | @
checking out your site. looks great! I noticed everyone wears denim cuts. Leather not allowed?
19 November 2009 - Martinsburg, WV

David Speed Arnold | @
Hey Brothers Hope all is well . Miss you all Speed former newport news chapter president
8 October 2009 - Amelia Va

David Speed Arnold | @
Greetings Brothers from Former newport news chapter president, Love you all ,wheres Cowboy
6 October 2009 - Amelia Virginia

chris | @
anyone know if there is event for in sept 09 in ocean city maryland
31 August 2009

Turbo | @
"i could never be a member because i ride a yamaha sorry" TIM, YAMAHAS ARE OK!
2 August 2009 - Central PA

bikerjoe | @
I had a cool weekend with all you brothers in Massechutits and looking forward to the Ocean City National.
14 July 2009 - Annapolis

Tim Carter | @
hi bros just looking around some other sites and came across yours nice looking bunch of guys and gals im from carolina myself a small town cameron n.c any was just looking at different sites like i said and there you guys where just wish i be back in n.c. to meet some of you and maybe ride with you i could never be a member because i ride a yamaha sorry so you all ride free and safe your brother on the road tim p.s. if your ever in newport news va look me up i ride with star touring and riding
2 July 2009

Banjo`(orginal member) | @
Just found your site. Times sure have changed. Good Luck to all. I still miss you guys.
12 May 2009

El (Eleanor Raab/Giantomaso | @
If anyone knows Mike Messing I'm an old friend and I just found out he's a member. Please drop him my email, I'd love to say hi and see how he's doing.
4 May 2009 - Philly, PA

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