Phoenix Motorcycle Club �

... the PHOENIX MOTORCYCLE CLUB exists for the purpose of providing a clean and serene fellowship for riders who want to ride drug & alcohol free and be acceptable, responsible, and productive members of society!

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  • 1 Welcome to the Phoenix MC Website
    Clean & Sober Motorcycle Club...
  • 2 In Memoriam
    of our recently lost brothers Yo Bob, Scoop, and Billy Bob...
  • 3 Gone but never forgotten
    May you find peace beyond what we know...
  • 4 Live to Ride - Ride to Live
    Drug free...
  • 5 Blood is thicker than water
    You are in our thoughts and prayers - Rest In Peace
  • 5 We will ride with you again
  Phoenix travels up and down the east coast attending club functions, biking events and recovery outings.

We travel thousands of miles a year, meeting new friends and old alike... never forgetting that recovery is the key to our survival and prosperity.

Feel free to contact us for information regarding membership or to find out more about our club.


American Motorcyclist Association


Upcoming Phoenix Events:

April 1st-3rd
NSC#66 - Northeast PA

June 17th-19th
NBM #73 - Western CT